Tramp is a private members’ club and restaurant located on Jermyn Street in St James’, Mayfair, London.

Opened by Oscar Lerman, Bill Ofner and Johnny Gold in 1969, Tramp has entered the lexicon of the worlds of celebrity, glamour and nightlife. Over the following 40 years, the discreet entrance on Jermyn Street welcomed  everyone from Frank Sinatra to the Beatles, royalty of many nationalities (including our own), Hollywood’s major players and the highest echelons of international society.

The naming of Tramp occurred when during a documentary about Charlie Chaplin’s famous character The Little Tramp, the narrator remarked that “this was the greatest Tramp of all”. The statement provided Oscar and Johnny with the perfect name for their new club. Their idea was to create a nightclub unlike any other, a place with no formal dress code, which was somewhat revolutionary at the time, where members and their guests could dine and revel to their heart’s content.

Many of Tramp’s staff have worked at the club for over 20 years, initially under the direction of Guido and now, under that of David Fleming. Newly promoted to General Manager, David has been working at the Club for more than a decade.   It is just this longevity of service that truly makes Tramp a home away from home for its Members, many of whose children, and even grandchildren, have now become Members themselves.

Under the watchful eye of the club's director Brian Crawford, Tramp is celebrating over 4 decades of existence with the recent opening of a large, beautifully designed outdoor smoking terrace and lounge bar at the rear of the building. The result encompasses luxurious seating areas, mirrored walls and state of the art outdoor heaters on the terrace, and the lounge bar provides the perfect place for discreet tête-à-têtes  between friends.

There is a wealth of incredible and unbelievable anecdotes that have emanated from Tramp to become legendary.  None of them will be repeated here to protect both the living and the dead!  You need to ask someone who admits to knowing.