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We have taken action to restrict our capacity. This ensures all our members and their guests can be seated at tables for the duration of their visit. In doing so, we have been able to ensure that all tables are socially distanced. In certain areas, we have also installed dividing screens for the safety of guests.

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We highly recommend making reservations in advance due to our reduced capacity. We also ask members to bear in mind that due to evolving government regulations, we are only able to accommodate a maximum of six guests per table from one household. Members will be asked if all guests are from one household at the point of booking, on entry and asked to declare this upon signing in. 

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When necessary and to ensure safe staggering of groups into Tramp, we may be operating a queue outside the door. In this event, floor stickers and guide ropes will ensure groups are safely distanced. Upon entry, all visitors are temperature checked. 

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All items checked into the cloakroom are held in sealed suit bags to prevent cross contamination.

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The government requires us to collect contact information for every guest at Tramp. Members will be asked to provide a list of up to five guests from the same household who will be asked to provide their information on arrival. This information will be kept in accordance with GDPR and supplied to government agencies upon request. An NHS QR code is also displayed in two places in our reception so that guests can use the official test and trace system.

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The hand sanitiser we offer to guests and staff at Tramp has a concentration of Ethanol above 80%. It has been approved for clinical usage due to its anti viral properties. The Journal for Hospital Infection published a paper on the efficacy of hand sanitisers which demonstrated those with Ethanol levels of 80% and above were effective against all 21 viruses types tested. Multiple sanitisation points are available both front and back of house.

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We have taken steps to ensure that traffic moving around Tramp takes place in a safe and controlled way. On all staircases, we operate a 'Keep left' policy and whilst crossing the terrace we operate a one way system. In addition and to ensure safe distancing whilst using the smoking terrace we have allocated Gold tiles for those wishing to smoke without a table on the terrace.

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All our staff have had full ongoing training on how to deal with Covid-19 within our operating environment and are equipped to implement all the procedures we have put in place. In addition, every member of staff is required to complete a daily return to work questionnaire and temperature check to ensure the risk level is minimised. All our staff wear masks in compliance with government regulation.

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Our newest addition to the team is Alex, our very own hygiene ambassador who ensures all high-touch points such as door plates and railings are cleaned with antiviral sanitiser in intervals throughout the evening .

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In addition to our normal rigorous cleaning of Tramp during the hours we are closed, we have taken additional measures to anti-virally disinfect all surfaces using a state of the art electrostatic mister.

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In order to create a safe environment to enjoy Tramp, we have made a number of structural changes to ensure this is possible. The room that used to house our famous disco has been converted to another restaurant. Here the dance floor has been carpeted over and dining tables installed to create a spectacular new restaurant where the full grandeur of this magnificent room can be fully appreciated. Likewise, where we have banquette seating both in the disco and on the terrace, we have installed dividing screens to maintain a safety barrier between tables.

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Perhaps most importantly is that we ask members and their guests to cooperate for the mutual benefit of other members and the safe enjoyment of Tramp.

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